Module 5: Digital Analytics & Monitoring

Unleash the insights of online listening

We will take you along to the trends and developments within our marketing and communication profession. We will also think conceptually, in strategies and we will think about disruption and new concepts for products, services and companies.

Student-Centered Learning

Students are central during this course. Students will conduct trend research into a particular theme themselves, and students will also present this to fellow students and the teacher several times. This way we all become enthusiastic and motivated to get started with the latest knowledge when it comes to innovation within our field of expertise.

During the trend research students will be doing, students will learn to work with online analysis tools. So already during the route of the course, students are learning.

Online listening, also referred to as social online listening, is the process of identifying and assessing what is being said about a certain theme, company, individual, product or brand on the internet.

Introducing Website Analytics

The Website Analytics module covers the central and fundamental topics in this domain. It is divided into four sections. It starts with an explanation of how website analytics platforms work, followed by a description of the metrics that can be collected and used for further analysis. There is more detail in the last two sections. The third section describes how to analyze a website’s audience, showing the four major phases – acquiring traffic, understanding user behavior on the website, evaluating conversions, and finally how to analyze loyalty or retention. Traffic filtering and segmentation are the two topics in the fourth section.

Start your learning path to success in online listening and website analytics knowledge today!


Desktop and view of Google Analytics 4

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