There is a need of digital skills in business

The DEMS (developing e-marketing skills for the market) project (2021–24) aims to popularize digital marketing and provide teachers with useful instruments,  to supply their students with today’s skills.

  • The business market turns increasingly digital – Businesses lack doers in digital marketing  
  • Internet is overwhelming with guides to digital marketing, yet many teachers and students find the field a bit tricky and hard to teach/learn.
  • For business teachers, it offers freshly updated study material about the essential topics of digital marketing
  • If you are a ‘novice’, wishing to know more about digital marketing and integrate these topics into your teaching, you will find excellent material
Studying digital skills

The Project

All over Europe, the Business market needs remarkably more digitally skilled business bachelors than what is produced currently. The DEMS project aims to increase  the number of digitally skilled business administration bachelors.

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