Transforming Education for Tomorrow’s Digital Market

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the mastery of digital skills is crucial. The DEMS Project is dedicated to popularizing digital marketing and equipping business educators with the tools necessary to impart these essential skills to their students, by providing:

  • Cutting-edge Educational Resources: Freshly updated study materials covering the essential topics of digital marketing.
  • Practical Tools* for Teachers: Innovative instruments designed to help educators seamlessly incorporate digital marketing into their curriculum.
  • Empowerment for Novices and Experts Alike: Whether you’re just beginning to explore digital marketing or looking to deepen your expertise, the DEMS Project offers valuable insights and resources.
  • Hands-on Learning Approaches: Encouraging students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

*Modules and tools created in this project are based on our extensive survey to European businesses (2023). Find the entire report here (PDF).

Studying digital skills

5 Essential Modules in Digital Marketing!

Available in five languages!

English, Finnish, Dutch, Polish and Portuguese

Already 20 000+ downloads worldwide

In use by hundreds of teachers around the world

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The ABC of Digital Marketing

A FREE guide for getting started with Digital Marketing

Get a quick grasp on how to:

  • Generate traffic to your website
  • Market in social media
  • Advertise on digital platforms
  • Content marketing and more!

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