DEMS team at Turku meeting: teachers and students

DEMS Project

DEMS – Developing e-marketing skills for the business market

All over Europe, the Business market needs remarkably more digitally skilled business bachelors than what is produced currently.

The DEMS project aims to increase the number of digitally skilled business administration bachelors through a three-step approach: 

  • First, the key skills in digital sales and marketing were defined with help of a survey, and updated to five ‘digital marketing curriculum modules’ (á 5 ects.)
  • Second, the ‘digital threshold’ of business teachers will be lowered by provigind them with the ABC of Digital Marketing and extensive digital marketing teaching material, with teacher instructions.
  • Third, the material created in steps 1 and 2 will be practiced by business students in the partnering countries and demonstrated in an international competition (2024).


  • Politechnika Gdanska (Natalia Przybylska, natalia.przybylska[at]
  • Instituto Politecnico do Porto (Jose Duarte Santos, jdsantos[at]
  • Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht (Luc Vandijk-Wijmenga, luc.vandijk-wijmenga[at]
  • Turku University of Applied Sciences (Kai Schleutker, kai.schleutker[at]

The team behind the materials and website

Module 1: Kai Schleutker, José Duarte Santos, Agnieszka Firgolska, Mariël van Dasler, Anniina Teittinen

Module 2: Saara Tikkanen, Timo Luukka, Ruth Keijzer, Paulo Botelho Pires

Module 3: Jaana Merikallio, Karin van den Akker, José Duarte Santos, Natalia Przybylska, Sanna Merisalo

Module 4: Kai Schleutker, Mariël van Dasler, Lasse Lehtonen

Module 5: Saara Tikkanen, Paulo Botelho Pires, Luc van Dijk-Wijmenga, Anna Trzaskowska

Website structure and layout: Lasse Lehtonen, Sanni Koskimies-Chiba, Saara Tikkanen (Turku UAS)

Teaching Materials’ visual outlook: Mainostoimisto Guru, Terhi Heikkilä (Turku UAS)

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