Module 4: Digital Advertising

By applying digital advertising you get interesting new options to reach target audience flexibly and effectively in different digital advertising platforms. For this, basic knowledge of advertising and certain preparations are needed, before launching the campaigns.

The module includes:

  • Main forms of digital advertising
  • Defining target audience
  • Digital advertising platforms
  • Key words research
  • Landing page
  • Measure the impact
  • Conversion

The material provides you with a comprehensive set of slides, practical in-class activities, and assignments. The attached teacher instruction gives you an overview and ‘how-to-teach’ on the topic.

Facebook advertising

Find the teaching material below

Available in following languages: English, Finnish, Dutch, Polish & Portuguese.


Instructions for teacher

Download the material (PDF)

Bases for advertising

Download the material (PDF)
Download the material (PPT)

Preparing for campaigns

Download the material (PDF)
Download the material (PPT)

Execution of campaigns

Download the material (PDF)
Download the material (PPT)

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