PR 2 – Project Results

Methodological framework for implementation

The training activities are aimed to reach a considerable number of business teachers in Poland, Portugal, Finland and the Netherlands. They will be addressed two both teachers with little or no experience (Group 1) and, respectively, to teachers who have already started with  ‘digitalization’ in their learning. Two different sequences are planned, as Group 1 (novices) evidently needs encouragement to ‘open the door to digital’. Instead, the teachers with preliminary experience benefit from reinforcement and novel knowledge regarding digital tools. The inclusion of teachers in these trainings will be alleviated by practice-oriented goal-setting, as well as innovative and cooperative learning methods.


    1. Material for use in trainings (produced by lead partner TUAS): a) ‘Door to Digital marketing´ – entry package on digital environments, tools and operations. Purpose: to enable navigation in digital environments. In both electronic and printed form, with free access. b) Video material recorded at the workshop in Porto (described later on in L, T & T activities). Purpose: To transmit the availability and feasibility of free digital tools. c) Core material from the trainings and webinars will be recorded. Purpose: Create confidence in own knowledge and skills; increase knowledge by listening to experts in specific areas of digital marketing.
    2. Description of training activities, in sequence:
      1. Initiation round with staff at partnering HEIs (GT, TUAS, P.Porto, HU). Workshop on digital marketing practices (same content as for Group 1) 2x 2 hours. Purpose: On-site/online, in the native language. Sessions recorded.
      2. For Group 1 teachers: Entry package. Team-based online training with tasks related to preparing each one´s own study units. Use of pre-material and mid-tasks. Purpose: lower the threshold to deploy digital content, increase awareness and knowledge about increasing web-presence and customer operations. Extension: 3+3+ hours sessions, individual working and use of web-based material (3 ECTS). Will be run two times in 10/22 and 4/23 for enabling deployment in the incoming academic semester (40 participants). Highlights recorded and published for free use on the web-page.
      3. For Group 2 teachers: Advanced package. Cooperative learning sessions with key-note speakers. Purpose: to share best practices, obtain new ideas and approaches to own courses. 3-hour webinars will be run with differing contents 3 times by TUAS, 1 time by partners (25 practitioners).
    3. Composition of learning/teaching modules for digital marketing for open access (5 x 5 ECTS.) After having included a considerable amount of teachers into ‘digitalization’, a set of feasible learning/teaching modules in local languages are composed (5 ects.). TUAS leads the process assisted by the partnering HEIs. Material from the previous trainings and the L,T&T activity is utilized as an element. The modules cover the essential topics, suggested in PR1, thus highly relevant for graduates. The contents are transversal, thus feasible for various fields of education. Moreover, a major impact is expected as the modules will be available on national online platforms (in Finland CampusOnline, in Poland eNauczanie, in the Netherlands HU Honours), and an open platform such as Udemy. In addition, they are available on the project website, thus usable for persons outside the HEI network (unemployed, VET students, etc.)

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