PR 3 – Project Results

Services/structures – Public awareness campaigns/outreach activities

 Phase 1: Preparation of the SME assignments Local SMEs are asked to provide some practical case studies and assignments on which students can work, using the material created in PR1 and PR2. The HU prepares this process with their work field committee, Porto, GT, TUAS comments. Phase 2: Preparing of students The teachers in the local teams will make their student groups acquainted with the learning/teaching modules (resulting from PR1 and PR2. They will practice the content and skills by giving their students, during their courses, small practice-oriented tasks involving the inclusion of digital elements. These can be smaller projects in which the universities themselves can lay their own aspects. Partners will create this together, employing the SME’s and Alumni networks. Phase 3: Digital Skills Challenge for Students The Digital Skills Challenge is a Pan-European competition that gives students the opportunity to experience what it is like to work in digital marketing and communication by creating their own campaign or advice in response to a brief from a real local client. After the four universities engaging their local SMEs to engage in this project, each country should bring in two cases from their local SMEs. The students will work on one of the
cases and send their advice/campaign to an international jury. The jury consists of participants from SMEs and HEIs university teachers. The campaigns are all shared on a website, and a jury, consisting of field committee members from the different HEIs universities, will assess the work. The winning team will be awarded. All partners will work on this project and it’s a closure of the Erasmus project. HU takes the lead, all partners participate. During PR3, 1250 students will be acquainted with the learning/teaching modules, and 250 students participate in the
very competitions. All the data, toolkit, case studies, will be available for 240.000 business students in Europe. The HU will set up the project Digital Skills Competition, together with their work field committee, Porto, GT, TUAS comment.

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